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I am Cuckie, the founder of Sage & Parker. Weddings are my happiness and people are my specialty. My favorite part of wedding planning is connecting with my clients and vendors. Nothing compares to the gratification I feel at the end of each wedding, when I see all the little details add up to a picture perfect wedding.

I have planned weddings and events across New York City, Los Angeles and Italy, and currently reside in Italy.

10 Random Facts About Me

Favorite past time: Discovering places and people

Current Obsession: Poring over the work of my favorite wedding photographers

Drink of choice: Aperol Spritz

Expert in: Restaurant recommendations

Favorite book: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Worst word in the English dictionary: Lukewarm

Fondest memories: Mama and daughter days

Guilty pleasure: Chicken nuggets

Pet peeves: Limp handshakes

Favorite part of a wedding: Parent Speeches